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Where businesses across all industries fill their talent pipeline by sharing real-world career knowledge for the purpose of helping students and job seekers find their path to success
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explore your career interests and opportunities

Students and job seekers go where they want to go, at their pace, directed by their interests. They select whatever professions, topics, and businesses content they’d like to follow. Students can spend as much time as they want exploring all the amazing opportunities in's thousands of industries and roles. While exploring, they're also creating industry ready portfolios and resumes. From there, they can connect with businesses and apply for positions.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Across all industries and sectors, businesses are struggling to attract, recruit, and retain skilled workers. The skills and workforce shortage costs you time, money, and opportunity. Meanwhile, millions of motivated students and job seekers have the strengths and talent you need — but they don’t know the opportunities in your career exist. They don’t know where to gain the skills and knowledge to excel. With, we can support our emerging workforce by educating and recruiting all in the same place.


Services That Help You succeed is many tools in one platform  - for all different users




Talent Pipeline


Career Exploration

Social Media



How does it work?


create your profile

Whether you're creating a student or job seeker, professional, business, or college account, creating your profile and filling out your information is the first step to success.


Build your network

Find and follow businesses, professionals, or colleges whose content is valuable to you. Students and job seekers want to follow businesses and colleges who provide them with career information and opportunities.


explore the opportunity board

Businesses provide their career opportunities for students and job seekers to apply to when they're ready for that next step in their journey.


build success.

Whether you are a student, job seeker, business, professional, or college, fostering a mutually beneficial environment for career exploration and recruitment is our goal.


Student, Job Seeker, & 8-12 Educator


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Plan includes:
Student profile with resume builder and portfolio
Unlimited industry and career searching
Career interest tracking
Unlimited photo and video posts
Connect with real college and career opportunities
Like and share posts

Business Basic

College, Business, & Organization


/ limited time

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Plan includes:
Basic profile
Unlimited photo and video posts
Like , comment, and share posts

business premuim

College, Business, & Organization


/ Month

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Plan includes:
All Business Basic functions
Premium profile with added exposure
Job, opportunity, & event posting
Receive student and job seeker resumes
In-app messaging with educators and businesses
Increase your visibility with premium upgrade options:
Become a "Leader" for maximum profile exposure
Add locations

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susie m.


This is incredible!!! This is exactly what our kids need! Kudos to you for recognizing what needs to be done and doing something about it.

jennifer r.

business owner

This Could Change Everything! I'm truly knocked out -- this is transformational for students, schools, and businesses. The thinking behind it is revolutionary.

maddie h.

hr expert

This is a game changer for both the job seeker and employer!

Frequently asked questions

how do i get started?


It’s easy - Start for free on our website today. Create your profile, share a little bit about yourself, and create your first post!

how do i create my profile?


Start by deciding what type of profile you are - Student, Professional, Business/Entity, or Educator. Then, fill in basic information about yourself or your Business and choose a plan that is right for you based on your needs or the needs of your company.

what kind of content do i post?

image content is very similar to content you post on any other social media your Business uses, but with Student education in mind. Introduce yourself, your Business, why you chose your profession, what you do in your company everyday, how-to, etc.

what if i don't have any content to post?


Chances are - you do. Check your company’s social media, your website, or storage for photos and videos. Share pictures or videos you’ve already taken with descriptions that will teach Students more about what your Business does.

is an app?


No, is a website that is available on all devices with internet access. For easier access from your home page, go to the website, click "Share", and click "Add to Home Screen".

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